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7 June 1999
I use Microsoft programs exactly for 9 years. I wrote books, and I educate people about computer. I have 6 books, and 150 students. And I am only 24. I am university student also. I did a lot of things up to know. I was the general publishing director of magazine and newspaper. I was company director of a Limited Company. I was also Data Process Director on University Preparing Classes. By starting last year I started to make dreams on them. I wanted to write them to you Dear Mr Bill. If you like them, you can use free.Why there is one copy in programs. When you copy a word and you don’t paste but you copy another. The first one is lost. You can put COPY1, COPY2 and COPY3. It can be like this: Ctrl+C=COPY1 Ctrl+Alt+C=COPY2 Ctrl+Shift+C=COPY3. And Ctrl+V=PASTE1 Ctrl+Alt+V=PASTE2 Ctrl+Shift+V=PASTE3. It will help us a lot. Please think on this.Why didn’t you put EXIT on right click. It can help people a lot.This question is from my students: Why you put a lot of (we found 6) exit, but 1 entry. (mostly two by shortcuts)And this question is to Microsoft Turkey (if you say them, it will be better): “Why do you choose difficult understandable words while translating program. (Because of “Biçimlendirme” instead of “Format” word, a lot of people formatted computers without wanting.This is from me too: Why are you so democratic. In Windows, we can change colors (from Control Panel), we can change mouse cursors (from Control Panel). And double click rate. Is there any need for theese. People can use your colors and cursors there is no need to be so democratic. But thank you very much, for leting these to us.If there is a button on desktop for changing keyboard (Turkish Q to Turkish F) for Turk people, it is very good for us. Because there is not this button, we must help on telephone to users how to change keyboard. And someone wants 30 $ for this help. But I don’t want money. Only wasting time.Why there is Formula in Microsoft Word programme. If we want to calculate something, we use Microsoft Excel. And you let inserting Excel table, while using Word.And why there is not Pages bar in Word. It is very useful in Excel to changing pages and copying them. If you add it to Word, the work will be easier. And do you think to make Excel Calculators for normal life. It will be wonderful discovery. And you can name it Microsoft Calculator. And you make it small and Microsoft Pocket Calculator then. Why your program doesn’t know Microsoft, Word, Excel, Bill, Gates, Powerpoint, Access words. You created them but they don’t know these words. Also why don’t they know Topuzoglu. It is my surname. Please tell them to know these words.Thanks for all. If you answer me I will write more.



Once upon a time, there was a boy called Wordy. This boy was idealist and this boy likes people a lot. All the thing he wants was helping people more and more. For this where is the need about words, you can see Wordy there. When this event realized times and times, Wordy started to be tired of this. Because of tiring he couldn’t help people and this made him upset more.Wordy was locked. He started to make anything. All his expriences were lost. Because of this, he decided to walk on streets alone for finding better solution.In these thinkfully position he saw a man, coming towards him Wordy said hello to the man. A man sad only “Hi”Wordy asked the name. A man said “Bill” And man asked. Wordy said his name. In fact that man was Bill Gates. But, he had decided to talk like poor people. Bad blue-jeans and easy t-shirt. Also there were wood framed glasses on his eyes. No one can believe, he was Bill Gates. Also Bill Gates’ aim was finding well minded people by this way.After a little time there were 2 friends. Bill had liked Wordy a lot. They decided to speak for tomorrow and gone away on their way. When it was tomorrow, Bill and Wordy started to talk. Wordy told about himself. Bill only listened. Wordy told his aims, Bill listened. Wordy told his problems. Bill listened. On that evening Bill has understood that, a boy called Wordy isn’t a boy like others playing football. Bill said to himself, “This boy can discover a lot of things. He must be in my workgroup.”After this, Bill requested to talk more for the next day. Wordy said “OK”When it was Wednesday, the third day of meeting for these 2 men, Bill was well-dressd with glasses marked O’ Marines. And t-shirt also with trousers which are best in world.Wordy was sitting on a chair, waiting Bill. Bill had come but he couldn’t know, because Bill wasn’t old Bill.Bill shouted Wordy, hello Wordy. Wordy was surprised. How can it be? Wordy looked on Bill’s face like asking where did you steal these clothes. Bill answered Wordy. In fact I am Bill Gates. I am the chairman of Microsoft. This is my card. Our programs are sold and used all over the world. I try to find intellignece and well-dreamed people for my company. And you are one of these. In fact, I would want to say this while starting our conversation before 3 days. But, if I said maybe you wouldn’t speak or you wouldn’t believe. Wordy said; “Nice to meet you, my boss” And added what will I do for you?Bill said, “You will be only yourself. Think, think and think” Nothing more.Ohh, this job is extremely for me. Then asked, “When will I start this good job?”Bill Gates said, “You’ve started now.” And, told about the program named “Edit” Bill Gates wanted Wordy to look at this program. It can copy, it can delete, it can save. But maybe, you want to add something more. While we were talking, you told the problems on words. I remember that you’ve been tired of working on words for people. My friends had thought and producted this program. If you have time can we look at this program in a library?Wordy said “Yes, gladly. It will be fun for me.”Then they went to the library and worked on Edit. When Wordy saw program, started to talk.“It is good but, there are no fonts. No size. No alignment. No color. It is very simple, only write, write, write. Then cut, copy, paste and delete. Of course Save and Open are good properties but there can be anything more. It is not the program of my dreams”Bill Gates was waiting answer of Wordy in this way. Because he had understood Wordy’s word knowledge were very good, before. OK, tomorrow you will start to work with my workgroup. Think on EDIT ad make it more beatiful.Wordy started to work on Wednesday. He was saying and saying. This can be, this can be, this can be. And these saying were the father of Notepad. By the time, you can write, choose font and size in Notepad. It was very fantastic for Wordy being busy with this job.Afther this, they found Write which was working on Operating System named Windows 3.0 and Windows 3.1 Write was better. An alignment property was added to Write. Also, the people escaped from wrating dates and the time by using this program. Also there were more colors.Wordy was very happy. But, he didn’t say enough.After a time, they worked and found more intelligence program. While, getting ready to say Notepad 2.0, Bill Gates said no. We must give Wordy’s name to this program. Let’s say Wordy Pad. Then Wordy said no need for Wordy’s Pad but we can say Word Pad. Itwill be understood as a pad for words. The new program’s name was Wordpad. It was given with Windows 95 and Windows 98. Wordy was getting happy more and more by the time. Everything was on way. He said Desing Group, can our programs correct the mistakes? Or, can tehy insert often written words. If we want to go to a page, must we use scroll bars? If I don’t like menus, can I change them? Can I insert bookmark to my words? Can I write sub characters like H2O? Or can I give the lettrs shadow? Can I change character and line spaces? Can I change uppercase, lowercase? Can I insert Banner Words? Can I give my page borders with pictures? Can my prorgam understand my mistakes? For learning the number of the words which I written will I count? Or can it count? Is there anything in my Wordpad some job with BAT extended files? Can I make tables? Can I find the sum of numbers in a table? Can I change hundreds of words by giving one order? Can I insert pictures to my document? And can I join label and addresses?Microsoft Design Group said fifty or more times “NO”, “NO”, “NO”.. Or some of them said it can’t be.Wordy said the Bill Gates’ word. “Nothing is impossible. If you can think, it means it can be”By the all of them happened much more abilities were added our Word Pad and named Word.The group added more properties and made Word 95, Word 97 and now Word 2000, with more Internet options.All of them is designed by Wordy’s ideas. Wordy thought these ideas and Microsoft Design Group. After a little time, we will see 2001, 2002 and more intelligence versions. We will see more versions but Wordy won’t be able to see. Because Wordy has died while working Word 2000. His health and heart couldnt’be enough for him. But we all remember Wordy, when there is new property or version.I had an ability to talk with Wordy. He said to my ear these;“Mr. Topuzoglu. Dear my friend Hakan. I know you write stories on computers. You have found techno-literatural type. I read your computer story and Microsoft Reality articles. Also other writings. Please write a story on Word to make it more understandable. I heard the authors in Turkey. They mostly make my program horrible. Please write on Word, too. You also use it. If you don’t write, my rights will be on you. And I won’t forgive you forever.”All I wrote and I will wrote is the result of Wordy’s sentences. I will contuinue to write on Word. This was the first. In a little time, I will write the second, third and etc.Stay with love.See you soon.

17 December 1999 Friday